Fully Developed Fire Run

A Fully Developed Fire Run (FDFR) model is used to predict radiant heat flux a structure will experience in a bushfire, and therefore determine the Bushfire Attach Level (BAL) classification of the structure. The methodology for the calculation is set out in AS 3959-2009 (Method 2) and requires inputs such as site slope, fuel loading, and distance to vegetation. Once the BAL has been determined appropriate construction methods can be employed to mitigate the risk of the calculated bushfire impact.


AS 2959-2009 provides the necessary framework for assessing the Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) of a structure. The Standard as a whole includes information regarding the improvement of a structures ability to withstand attack from a bushfire. One component of this assessment is conducting a Short Fire Run model to generate the predicted BAL.

Extra Features

Our FDFR model can be run with Asset Protection Zone (APZ) optimisation and/or with the addition of a radiant heat barrier.